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Degryse Construction Company, an introduction ...

The company is located in the Sleihagestraat 67 at  Oostnieuwkerke and since 1996 the company has been expanded gradually.

In 1997 a new workshop is built (approx. 1750 m²), next to the old complex. In 2001 there was a further expansion  (approx. 1050 m²) in order to expand the workspace and deliver a better quality of work. In this respect the need arose for a VCA certification , and since December 2002 we holder of this certificate. The completely separate storage and processing of stainless steel has become a necessity.
In May 2008, the area of ​​the workshop significantly increased, which in practical terms means a doubling of space and capacity.

The workshop is mainly about machining operations such as lasercutting, bending, drilling, grinding, pearl blasting and assembling structures. The constructions are made ​​in the workshop, then we are at the customer's site and installed when required. Approximately 75% of the welding, maintenance and assembly work done so at the customer.